About us



The founder has been involved in land remediation activities for the last 30 years and has taken on projects in many parts of the world including Taiwan, Middle East and South East Asian countries. Over the years he has been instrumental in the establishment of several demilitarisation plants in North Africa and Malaysia.​

He is also currently the Vice President of the Institute of Explosives Engineers in Singapore.

The company offers a variety of services involving the recycling and disposal of Dangerous Goods (DG), Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Land Remediation, Integration of Demilitarisation Equipment/Plant and the provision of specialised manpower in the field of explosives management.​

L J Max Pte. Ltd. is also the manufacturer’s representative for Aluma Liner, a container lining solution.



We endeavour to be the sought after solution provider in the field of ordnance movement and transportation, demilitarisation equipment sourcing and installation and lastly the supply of specialised container lining material for the transportation of hygroscopic goods and capable of self-combustion.


Our goal is to meet our client’s expectations and to understand their present and future needs. We will achieve this through the provision of highest level of professional service.